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Survival Camp Courses

It is a good idea to join a survival camp course even if you are not planning to trek through any deep woods. Survival camp courses are very important as their main objective is to teach their participants how to survive in the wild woods and overcome the challenges that they may come across. Summer camps differ in their objective - they teach their participants how to interact and love nature even though this is not the main aim of a survival camp.


There are different survival camps around the country that you may choose from - each camp varies in its content or program that it offers. Choose a program that concentrates on teaching you the foods that you should eat when you are lost in the forest. When you are hungry and it's dark, it's not very difficult to mistake one fruit for another, but such errors may prove fatal when you mistake poisonous toadstools for mushrooms. A good course should be able to teach you the easy identification of wild fruits and plants and the identification of fruits and plants that you may eat when lost in the forests.

If the course that you have enrolled for teaches you to tell the difference between plants that are safe for consumption and those that are inedible, then the course must also teach you to recognize the plants and herbs that you may use to cure any ailments that may occur when you are lost in the forest. A good course will also teach you how to prevent your wounds from getting infected.

A good survival camp course will also teach you the different methods that can be used to build a fire in the absence of matches. This is a very important aspect that must be learnt as fire is very essential to keep you warm and cook your food.

The course must also teach you ways and means by which you can build a shelter in the wilderness and such a shelter must withstand any kind of weather. This is very important because if lost in wilderness, you may have to live there in weather conditions that are very harsh like the rain and snow.

Once your hunger, thirst, shelter and warmth have been looked after, the next important thing to do is to try and create signals. You send signals that will alert the forest personnel that there is a lost person in the forest. The course must teach you the creation of signals in the absence of modern gadgets and tools that you may use otherwise.

Fishing is not an easy task - it requires a lot of practice and patience. If you are lost in the forest without a fishing line and bait it becomes all the more difficult to fish. A survival camp will also teach you the techniques of fishing in the wilderness for food with the help of natural resources that are available in the forests.

If you want to have a little more fun, then enroll yourself in advanced survival camp courses that will also teach techniques for hunting. Courses that teach hunting are a little expensive and time consuming. Choose a course that will suit your needs the best and have fun.


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