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Essential Tips To Remember During Flash Floods

Environment changes can cause a lot of damage to people. Though the human body readily accustoms itself to the extreme changes that may occur in the environment, yet there are some extreme situations where it becomes very difficult to accept and react to any sudden changes around. Flash floods are one such natural calamity that people have to face and react to.


Flash floods are not a very easy situation to deal with as every year in the United States of America hundreds of people die due to flash floods. When compared to the number of deaths that are caused due to other natural calamities flash floods cause the highest number of deaths. Flash floods are much more dangerous and deadly than severe winds, winter storms, tornados, lightning and extreme heat.

There are ways to protect yourself and your belongings during flash floods. The best way to do is to move all your valuable belongings to a higher level. If you have run out of time and the water is rising quickly then move to higher levels as soon as possible without wasting time.

Then next most important thing to do is to put your children and your pets in a very safe place. Put off your gas and your main electrical circuit to avoid any short circuit. Do not stay in the house if you smell any gas leakage. Avoid using your telephone and any of your electrical appliances. Use your cellular phone, a public phone or your neighbor's phone to make a call.

Swimming is the most dangerous thing to do in flowing floodwaters. Most deaths during floods are caused due to drowning and these deaths may be avoided if precautionary measures are taken at the right time.

Avoid driving in flooded areas. A lot of deaths that occur during floods are also caused in vehicles and this is because the waters in certain areas may be deep and there may be hidden holes that may be covered with water and while driving one may just fall into them.

Electric shocks during floods are also another main cause for death - one must avoid any kind of contact with power lines or electrical wires. Sometimes even after an electrical circuit has been switched off it may still have some electrical charge that may cause death.

Follow the news updates on the radio so as to be well aware of what is happening around you and you will also get to know the travel routes that are safe to follow and other important aspects that are related to floods.

If your car or van gets stuck anywhere in the water, the first thing you must do is to evacuate all the passengers and move to a higher level where the level of water is lower. Even after the flood has subsided do not make hasty attempts to move back to disaster areas unless the authorities have asked you to do so. Do not drink tap water unless it has been declared safe. Floodwaters are contaminated and must not be used for drinking as they carry a lot of waterborne diseases with them.

Floods are great natural disasters and there must be a very well planned infrastructure to deal with them. To protect your loved ones and yourself from natural disasters one must be very alert and make arrangements beforehand.


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