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How To Find Food That Is Safe In The Wilderness

People living in cities usually take the good things around them for granted and do not realize their worth unless they are lost in the wilderness where food is such an important factor. They may not even know the difference between poisonous berries and mistletoe. Once lost in the darkness of thick forests they lose all their power of reasoning and can become unnerved. The best thing to do in such a situation is to stay calm and find a way of survival by eating things that are safe and that will keep you alive.


It is very important to find a good source of clean drinking water before you find sources to satiate your hunger. One cannot survive too long without water when compared to surviving without food. Do not take any risks when it comes to your health and safety and don't give way to wild imagination. You must be very reasonable and depend entirely on facts. Do not take any chances of eating any plants or fruits unless you are sure of what they are. Wild plants and fruits can be very poisonous so do not make any hasty assumptions.

For any layperson, it is very difficult to identify the plants and fruits that are safe for consumption as this requires prior knowledge and experience. You may avoid consumption of food that is potentially dangerous when you find that the taste is bitter, there is discoloration and decay, bad odor and the growth pattern is three-leaved. Plants with these characteristics are inedible.

The safest thing to eat when lost in wilderness is seaweed - they may be very slimy in their appearance but they are absolutely safe. It is best to eat seaweed that you personally weed out from the water and avoid those that you find on shore as they may not be very safe due to contamination.

You may be very hungry and eager to look for food around you. Fishing is one of the safest ways to satisfy your hunger. Make your own spear by using a sharp stick to spear the fish. Do not forget to clean the fish properly before cooking it.

Hunting requires a lot of prior experience and this is one reason why people who are lost in the wilderness should not depend on hunting for food. It just takes too much effort and time if you are not a pro at it. This may not sound too good, but bugs and insects are rich sources of fats and proteins so do not go by what they look like but view them as food.

Do not panic and lose your sense of reasoning as this may only lead to errors that may prove dangerous and fatal. Have a positive outlook and stay calm and this will lead you to the road of safety.


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